WIP – Spacelords Cybertech Bunkerbreakers

Right now, I’m working on a platoon of Spacelords Cybertech Bunkerbreakers by em4. These figures have a long and storied history, first released in the 80’s I believe by an outfit from Germany called Metal Magic. The excellent minis archive page The Stuff of Legends has a list of all the Spacelords minis that were produced, with pics of some of them. The rights were bought by em4, which produced a few codes in the Cybertech, Yoyodyne, Phagons and Civilian lines. The minis em4 now has in these lines are made from new castings and molds and look fantastic.

Since I’ve gotten into the mindset of collecting platoons to use for Stargrunt, I wanted a bunch of heavily armored troops. The Cybertech Bunkerbreakers fit the bill and there is something about their kinda retro 80’s look that I really like (god help me, I keep hearing Blue Oyster Cult’s Veteran of the Psychic Wars in my head while I work on these). So I bought 18 of the regular troopers.

I just finished my first squad.

Heavy Laser Gunner


My color scheme is a two-tone grey camo pattern, for use by troops fighting on a lunar surface. I know I should have applied the same colors to their weapons, but I just like the green and the orange-brown stocks and grips says 1970’s and 80’s sci-fi plastic to me, so go figure. The numbers on their helmets and breastplates are done with dry rub transfers (these guys are with 2nd squad).

I just based these on standard GW round bases. That’s Elmer’s Redi Spack to fill the gaps and smooth things out.

Then I scoured the internet looking for more. These are pretty rare minis now, but I finally scored a few more off eBay to serve as my command element. These are actually lead miniatures, and they came in their original packages from 1986 or something like that. Now that I’ve handled them I guess I’m going to die, but anyway…

The two guys w/out their helmets on aren’t actually Bunkerbreakers – they’re from the Wartech line. But I figure they issue the orders and let the grunts do the heavy lifting.

These are really nice minis and I’d buy more if I could actually find them somewhere!

4 Responses to “WIP – Spacelords Cybertech Bunkerbreakers”

  1. Hi, Good to see the minis in use! I have about a squad myself and always like dthe style. A limited range is still available from EM4 miniatures here:


    I’m trying to resist getting any more! Can’t find the Wartech guys anywhere though.

  2. stingersix Says:

    Yeah, Doug at em4 was very helpful in getting these to me. I really hope he has success with expanding the line!

  3. Sorry, missed the bit in your post about getting them from em4, I was too distracted by the minis!

  4. Max Brandt Says:

    Very cool to see these troopers again, you’ve done a fine job on them. I only have one, the heavy machine gunner guy I bought at a gaming store in Lake Worth, FL in the mid ’90s and a friend said the Space Lords mini range pre-dates Star Wars by a few years. That’s pretty old for a mini line but by the time I found the few remaining SL figures the range had been OoP for a long time, real vintage stuff!
    So now em4 is remaking them, I’ll have to pick some more up for the heck of it!
    I always thought THESE are what the Clone Troopers should have looked like during the Clone Wars in the new Star Wars movies IMO.

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