This Quar’s War – Uh-oh, they got me!

I got a copy of the quirky but very cool This Quar’s War as a (belated) birthday present today. This Quar’s War is a miniatures game with a WW1 feel, using some odd looking miniatures that I wasn’t into at first and now find myself strangely drawn to. The Quar design has a sort of retro, Ralph Bakshi/Vaughn Bode/Cobalt 60 look that I’ve always found interesting.

The rulebook is very well done, with a clean and attractive layout and excellent art. My friend Chris who gave me the book was one of the playtesters and had the artist draw a picture on the inside cover, which is very cool. On first blush, it also looks very playable and I have a feeling that once I finish my Spacelords, I’ll be getting myself a platoon’s worth of Quar!

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