Cleaning out the closet

The Endgame Oakland minis swap was today, and I went down and got myself a little bit of table space. I have an old coffee can I keep my loose minis in and I decided to try to clean it out. Shelf space in my minis display case (a glass-sided IKEA job) was getting a bit crowded, so I also decided to try and unload my old Crimson Skies and Battlefleet Gothic minis.

My wife thinks I have a lot of minis. I do not. Not, at least, compared to some of the folks at the swap meet. Clearly, I am a minority, in that I don’t have a garage filled with plastic cases filled with minis I will never paint, and piles of unopened kits and minis sets (not saying I wish I didn’t have this condition – I want space/time/money for a huge pile of minis!)

Anyway, there was a lot of stuff on those tables and most of it was, of course, Games Workshop. Despite my old infatuation with GW, and my recent bout with temptation, I didn’t pick up any GW stuff. Just as well I suppose, since I don’t see myself playing 40K again anytime soon.

I managed to sell/trade almost everything I brought. I only came home with my Crimson Skies planes, some Napoleonic minis, and some old 20mm WW2 figs. I sold my BFG fleets for a good price too, so I came away in the black.

It was a fun time and I met some new people and pawed through piles of interesting stuff. Looking forward to it again next year!

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