I’ve always liked Steve Jackson Games OGRE. The whole assymetrical thing with one giant tank vs. a battalion of regular troops and tanks is just too cool. That and the casual use of nuclear weapons on a battlefield that is a bombed out, cratered boiling hell and what more could I ask for (except maybe, a life…)

Anyway, I got some Ogre miniatures a few years back and here they are. I went a brighter, more colorful paint job on these and I think it worked.

I couldn’t quite get the sharpness on the closeups so apologies in advance for the fuzziness. One of these days I’ll figure out how to get better at this without spending any money.

Ogre MkV – The undisputed King of the Battlefield

MkV and MkIIIs head on

These are the vehicles and infantry from the Ogre Deluxe game. They’re not the classic Ogre designs – those are found in the Deluxe GEV game.

Deluxe GEV – The vehicles in this set are the classic Ogre designs.

One Response to “OGRE”

  1. Words do not describe my jealousy, I’ve been looking for the deluxe sets for a bit, beautifully done.

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