20 years of Space Hulk!

The most fun I’ve ever had playing a boardgame has been playing GW’s classic Space Hulk, quite possibly the best game GW has ever made. I’m serious about that. I’ve played lots of GW games from the era before they went totally over to 40K and WFB, and along with Fury Of Dracula, Space Hulk is the best.

My first few years in J-land, I played the game a lot. Dozens and dozens of times. I learned the best strategies for both the ‘Stealers and the Marines. I loved the tension of the timer running down, the dice deciding your fate moment to moment, the raw savagery of the Genestealer assault. I really love this game!

I had a look at the extremely good looking new (limited) edition of Space Hulk. Oh my god is it beautiful! The components are quite simply perfect. Fantastically sculpted minis, beautiful board pieces and components. I also had a look through the rules and it appears they’ve simply used the 1st edition rules, rather than the 2nd edition. That means use of the timer, and flamers taking out whole board sections, which is as it should be!

Am I going to but a copy? Believe me I went back and forth about it. But I still have my old set, all the expansions and the extremely rare campaign book. It’s all worn but perfectly playable. The minis aren’t as plush as the new ones, but hey, they were pretty damned good 20 years ago! I took it out last night and had a look through.

If I want to play this game, I can. The new game would be nice, but I don’t really need it. Of course in a year or two, when copies of the new game are going for $300 on eBay I’ll be regretting it but, oh well.

Anyone want to play a game of Space Hulk?

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