Space Hulk 1st Edition – Operation Re-paint!

So, with the utterly lovely new Space Hulk out, and my not buying a copy since I still have all my old 1st Edition stuff, I’ve decided that re-painting the old 1E Marines and Stealers from the original game is going to be my next project (now that I have finished my Space Lords).

I have all the original minis from the set I first bought in 1989 (none missing), including the Genestealer Hybrids. I also have some lead to go along with all that – two squads of metal Terminators, a Genestealer Magus and even a Patriarch!

But I’ll keep my goals reasonable to start with and re-paint the original Terminator minis that came with the game. I recall painting them 20 years ago, and I think my technique has improved a little since then. This time, I’m really going to try and do them justice. I played dozens and dozens of games of Space Hulk with these minis and these battle scarred veterans have won more than their share of glory.

Here’s what these guys look like, 20 years on.

The original Terminator miniatures; two 5-man squads

The original Terminator miniatures; two 5-man squads

Sergeant in the lead

Sergeant in the lead



These battle-scarred Marines have served proudly for 20 years! Time for a re-fit!

These battle-scarred Marines have served proudly for 20 years! Time for a re-fit!

The first thing I have to do is strip the paint off of them, so into the Simple Green they go!

Obviously some sort of Adeptus Mechanus rejuvenation fluid.

Obviously some sort of Adeptus Mechanus rejuvenation fluid.

I’ll talk about my new color scheme once I have them stripped and re-primed!

One Response to “Space Hulk 1st Edition – Operation Re-paint!”

  1. Charles Laine Says:

    (I know your original post is old old old, but thought I’d comment nonetheless. It’s useful info and maybe it’ll help someone down the road)

    Regarding stripping paint off models… I’ve never tried SimpleGreen myself, so I can’t testify to its effectiveness. Maybe it works great and everything I’m about to write is pointless. But I’ve found something that works quite well as a miniatures paint stripper. It is… Testor’s Airbrush cleaner. This stuff rocks!

    It makes sense that it would work for stripping paint off of minis. it is, after all, intended and designed for dissolving acrylic paint! I use this stuff along with a stiff toothbrush and it gently melts away the paint without harming the model itself. It really does work well. I soak a mini in this fluid for a while, then use the brush to work down deep in the cracks and crevices. I keep rinsing, soaking, brushing until all the old paint is gone.

    The Testors airbrush cleaning fluid is also good for removing dried embedded paint that builds up deep within my paint brushes over time.

    Note that it won’t remove any enamel based spray on undercoats. So, if you have a model that was gunked up with a heavy coat of enamel spray primer, the Testors cleaner won’t really do anything for that.

    Also, I enjoyed the blog post about the old version of Space Hulk. That old original version of Space Hulk resides in a special place within my heart. It is the game that hooked me on the GW hobby so many years (decades yikes!) ago.


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