Space Hulk – still soakin’

Well, my project to repaint my old 1st edition Space Hulk minis proceeds apace. However, I’m still soaking my plastic Terminators in Green Stuff to strip the old paint. I put them into a jar full of it almost two weeks ago and the paint is only just beginning to soften. I guess the paint I used 20 years really cured on to the plastic! Anyway, I’ll give them a few more days and go at them with a stiff toothbrush. Hopefully the paint will come off.

Green Stuff has always done the job with an overnight soaking. So I’m a little surprised it’s been nearly two weeks!

One Response to “Space Hulk – still soakin’”

  1. Mike, sometimes with older models the paint just stays on especially if you sealed them well. I’ve had some metal mechs in the green stuff for a month. When you scrub try using warm-hot water, it helps soften the paint a bit more.

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