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Ready to paint

Posted in Uncategorized on October 11, 2009 by stingersix

I finally got all the old paint of my old Space Hulk Terminators. Took a couple of weeks in the Green Stuf to soften up that paint, and I scrubbed it off with an old toothbrush. Back to that beautiful bare blue plastic! Got some new primer today, and while I was at the store, managed to get in a couple of games of the new Space Hulk as well (Endgame was having a “Space Hulk Day” – woohoo!)

On that note, I have to say, my old instincts for that game are a little rusty but a couple turns in, I’d knocked it off and I was bringing the pain! I played the good ol’ “Suicide Mission” as the Marines and got ripped up (of course – that mission is usually death on a stick for the Marines), then I played the Stealers in a different scenario and ate the Marines’ faces.

The rules are basically the same as 1st edition with a few new wrinkles. For example, any Marines on overwatch that jammed during the turn automatically clear jams at the end of the turn w/out paying an AP or CP for it; as long as your Sgt. is alive, you can redraw a CP marker you don’t like (OK, fine, but hardly as hardcore as before); Marines can go “On Guard” which allows a forced reroll of one of the Stealer dice in CC.

Without more play and some analysis I can’t yet say if I like the changes or not. But my brain is pretty hardwired for the old game. But, I’m very happy the timer is still used. I was offered the chance to not use the timer (which I of course scoffed at – no self-respecting Old School Space Hulk player would ever consider not using the timer!).

And I like how the new game incorporated the old Deathwing and Genestealer expansions into it. Sigh – I still won’t buy it but it does look lovely. If I can paint my old Space Hulk models to my current standard, I think it might help alleviate my cravings for the new game!