Rising Sun Space Marines Tactical Squad

I’ve finished my Space Marine Tactical Squad. Managed to get a few pics before my camera battery died. I’ll get some more up after I recharge it.

Overall, I’m happy with the results. The camera reveals a lot of flaws up close though and age is catching up with me – I feel like I had steadier hands when I was younger, and I know my eyesight ain’t what it used to be (painting minis for 30 years has ruined my eyes, probably…)

Really liked the Reaper paints and I will be buying more when the time comes.

Now, pics!

Here’s the whole squad. I think my updated paint scheme for the Rising Sun Chapter works well.

Kill Team A – You can see the Sergeant here. This was my first stab at executing the kumadori – the kabuki-style facepaint. I can do better I think, but as a proof of concept, I think this works and I can do more of it.

Kill Team B – I do like the flexibility of poses of the current Marine minis – the guy pitching the grenade for example.

Here’s another shot of our pitcher

Kumadori – The Japanese style of kabuki face painting is called kumadori. The pattern here is that of a traditional kabuki hero named Watona. I guess this is Sergeant Watona then. The kanji on the black banner is 「力」chikara, or strength.

Up close – Ugh. Up close it doesn’t look so hot I guess. But for a tabletop model, I think it’s all right. In kumadori, red stripes indicate a powerful hero, a symbol of virtue and power. Light blue can be used to signify a ghost or spirit. Greys and browns represent animals or other monsters. I’m going to try to keep this in mind for the future, and each mini I do this for will have a different kumadori design.

So, again, I think they look fine for the tabletop. Not the display quality I thought I would achieve, mostly due to impatience and trying to use unfamiliar techniques. But I’m satisfied with this and I plan to build a whole 1500 pt. force of the Rising Sun Chapter.

Now to get started on the Rhino!

4 Responses to “Rising Sun Space Marines Tactical Squad”

  1. very nice! I was just looking at doing a similar paint scheme and have a full squad and also land raider crusader for conversion.
    Would it be possible for some high quality photos of your work to be sent to my email?
    Again, nice work. Hope to hear from you.

  2. stingersix Says:

    Thanks James! I think I might be able to get some pics together for you.

  3. Nicely done and the kumadori tops it off

  4. Fantastic. I know its a big ask but if you could get those photos to me and maybe the markings, colour scheme and paint names it would be much appreciated. I’ll help get this chapter known!
    My e-mail is james_laptop@hotmail.co.uk

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