Today was Free RPG Day. I got myself a copy of “Final Sanction” the free intro adventure to the upcoming Deathwatch RPG from Fantasy Flight Games.

Finally, finally, finally, gamers have what they’ve wanting for over 20 years – an RPG focused on being a Space Marine! Hoo-ah!

Anyway, it has four pre-generated characters. A Dark Angel Assault Marine, A Blood Angel Devastator Marine, A Space Wolves Tactical Marine, and an Ultramarines Apothecary. The scenario itself has planetary defense forces, rebels and yay, Genestealers. This has become my new project!

When I run this (and I will run it) I’ll use my trusty Pig Iron Heavy Infantry as the PDF, my Pig Iron Kolony troops as the rebels, and my Space Hulk Genestealers. For the Marines, I got the individual Marines I needed from a friend. I needed to do a bit of converting, particularly for the Space Wolves guy. But when I’m done, they’ll all look pretty much like the artwork of the characters in the adventure booklet.

The paint schemes should be easy to execute. The Deathwatch are drawn from various Space Marine Chapters, and the basic armor color is black, so I get to practice highlighting with greys. Seems like their left arm and shoulder pads are a metallic color, like steel. They also wear their original chapter color and insignia on their right shoulder pad and knee pads.

Will post pics once I have them painted of course!

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