Quick Update

Just got back from Anime Expo today, where I was down on some business. Fortunately, tomorrow is off so I hope to get started in on one of the figures for the upcoming Stargrunt bug hunt scenario I’m planning. It’s Hasselfree’s Signee, who certainly looks the part. The figure is a bit smaller than I thought but that’s not really a problem. It’s a good dynamic figure. Should be an easy and fun paintjob. I also got this stoop-shouldered scientist, also from Hasselfree, to use as a grad student on the science team in the scenario (and you know what happens to grad students…)

The Deathwatch Space Marines are also coming along. I finished the Blood Angel and the Space Wolf, and I’m almost done with the Ultramarine, leaving only the Dark Angel left to do. Another week or so and I should be getting some pics up for you here!

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