Something old, something new

My longtime gaming rival and good buddy Bruce (aka Weevil, aka Scum Being, aka Frothing Loon) sent me an ancient Metal Magic Spacelords miniature he’s had knocking around some old box in his closet. This is awesome and very cool of Bruce (we often used to just give each other curious minis from the bottom of the forgotten minis box).

Anyway, this particular mini is, according to The Stuff of Legends, a Phagon Walker “Sunburst” Mk III (the linked image is not the exact same model though – I have C3291c).

It’s hard to tell but it may have been made in Germany circa 1989 (?). It found its way to Games of Berkeley where it sat for who-knows-how-long until Bruce bought it, 10 years ago he says. Finally Bruce sent it to me from Japan last week, so this thing has gotten around! And it’s made of lead! Awesome! Thanks Bruce!

In the blister pack

All parts. I have an urge to do some crazy red or orange color scheme on this!

And something new. The Lab Technician from Hasselfree, which I plan to use in our Stargrunt bug hunt game.

I love this guy's droopy look. How long will he last before the bugs eat him I wonder?

2 Responses to “Something old, something new”

  1. em4 miniatures seem to have some of the Spacelords range. I bought some of the Phagon Beastmen locally in the 1990’s, imported to New Zealand from Germany. Very nice figures – only wish they did them in 15mm.

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