In the works

My project list has begun to grow again. I realized I would need to either build my own jungle temple for our Stargrunt bug hunt game or buy one. After much searching I did find a very very nice looking temple set that fit the bill perfectly, by Stonehouse Miniatures. The one I want is $75…

So, I figured I’d try building one first. I sketched up some plans, so my idea is firm. Then my buddy Chris suggested using the super cool Hirst Arts molds. I borrowed a set from him and I’m now considering my next step as a miniatures brick maker. If this fails or proves to be too much of a hassle, I can go with a faster and dirtier construction method (basically just building a couple of boxes and hitting them with spackling putty), or plunking down the 75 ducats for the Stonehouse model.

In other news, I’ve been inspired by Stephen, our most recent Stargrunt convert, to invest in the Spug Army Deal available from Rattlehead. The minis themselves are made by Spriggan and they do rock!

Actually, it was either $75 for the temple or for the Spugs. Deciding to build the temple and buy the Spugs was just me putting faith in my craft skills. We’ll see…

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