Aztech pyramid – progress report

I’m still working on my Aztech-style pyramid for our upcoming bughunt Stargrunt game. I’ve cast my way through another box of Permastone (which I really really like) and now have a small pile of bricks.

With a Deathwatch Space Marine for scale

While there seem to be a lot I would need many many more if I were going to build the whole pyramid entirely from these bricks. It would also turn out heavy as hell – this little block weighs roughly two pounds and would barely make even part of the whole thing.

So, my plan is to build a styrofoam inner structure, like a stepped layer cake, and simply put the bricks on the outside of it, resulting in a lighter and stronger piece.

What I need now (besides more Permastone) is a sheet of 1″ thick styrofoam. Anyone have any recommendations for where to get some?

One Response to “Aztech pyramid – progress report”

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve purchased Styrofoam, but I used to have good luck getting it at hardware stores like Home Depot.

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