Pyramid construction zone

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my Aztec-style alien pyramid of late. I finally got some styrofoam and got started on the building proper. I used up all the blocks I’d cast from the Hirst Arts molds. In doing so, I went through two boxes of Permastone, and I have another waiting in the wings.

The idea for construction is to make an inner core out of styrofoam, around which is a “skirt” of blocks 1″ high and 1″ deep. The Hirst blocks are 1″ x .5″ x .5″ so I need two rows to go around one sheet of foam.

These syrofoam sheets from the crafts store are 12″ square and 1″ thick. I bought three. If I had bothered to accurately do the math instead of just eyeballing it, I would have realized I only needed two sheets to make the layers I needed. As it turned out, I had one full sheet left over, and decided to add an extra layer (on the bottom) to my pyramid. So my original plan to make it 5″ high has now changed to make it 6″ high. Not towering but respectable.

Here’s the foam sheet I used.

This layer is 12″ wide with a 10″ wide foam core.

And a close up of the corner bricks.

Here are all the layers stacked up. The bottom 1st tier and the 4th tier are not dressed. The top tier is currently just a mock up. I’ll cut it down to a 2″ square and it’ll be 4″ wide when done.

And with Chthulu on top!

Here’s a 28mm Spug for scale.

So when this is all done, it will have dimensions of 14″ at the base, 4″ at the top and be 6″ high.

Now I need to make another stack of bricks, and start thinking about painting and finishing. Suggestions?

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