Odds and ends – Deathwatch Marines, Spugs and Godlike Pilots

I’ve been pretty busy lately but still have found the time to paint some minis.

Deathwatch – I painted these Deathwatch Space Marines in a fit of enthusiasm for the new RPG. They’re based on the pre-generated characters in the Free RPG Day Deathwatch adventure.

We’ve got a Blood Angels Devastator, an Ultramarine Apothecary, and a Space Wolves Tactical Marine.

This Space Wolf is a minor conversion. The head was bald but I molded some hair on with some putty.

I used shoulder pad decals for the Blood Angel and Ultramarine, but didn’t have any for the Space Wolf, so I painted his insignia on free-hand.

Next up, a test paint of a Spriggan Spug Warrior. I’ve been meaning to invest in a platoon of these guys for Stargrunt. I wasn’t so happy with my first color scheme, which was a lighter blue. This final blue came out all right. At first I painted the eyes green, but the red looks better I think. I dunno, I’m not lovin’ that blue as much as I would like.

And finally, the minis I’m using in my Godlike RPG scenario. The characters are pilots, or they can fly (yes, it’s that kind of game).

The Marine is by Reaper, and the pilots are from the Hasegawa 1/48 scale WWII Pilot Figure Set. I’m struck by how close the plastic pilot figures are in size to the metal Marine. I might look further into using 1/48 scale plastic models as sources for stuff for my 28mm gaming.

I did a quick job on these dudes, and while not the best, they’ll serve my needs quite well. I was pleased with how they came out, especially the Marine. I tried to do the 1943 camo pattern on his shirt – looks kinda crap up close but at table distance, no problem.

And I realize I forgot to take some pics of all the 1/300 scale planes I painted up for this game as well! Oh, well, I’ll save it for tomorrow.

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