Space Hulk Repaint – Take 2

The spirit has moved me to start repainting my old 1st Edition Space Hulk models again. I dug out the first Terminator I did last year and re-did him a bit, bringing him more in line with the color scheme of the regular Space Marines I did later on.

So here’s what they’re going to look like:

Basically, I switched the steel trim on the armor plates to burnished gold, and painted the bolter over black instead of red. It’s not perfect – the Rising Sun chapter symbol should be on the right shoulder, but I’ll leave it as is and call this one the Sergeant. I’m also going to get some texture bases and remount them. I painted that steel grating on there and I don’t like it so much.

I may be on a roll. Which may result in my painting all of the genestealers I have, as well as the hybrids!

One Response to “Space Hulk Repaint – Take 2”

  1. 40kterminatus Says:

    I love old style Terminators.

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