A wind is blowing…

My motivation to paint and model tends to wax and wane. Recently, my collection of unpainted minis has built up to a point where I really need to address the pile before I buy anything new. I have those two resin tanks and the SST Cougars to do, the Space Hulk repaint, a handful of Pig Iron System Troopers and that big box of Space Marines I just got staring at me every time I sit down at my work table.

I think I know what’s holding me up. My desire to get to these other minis is being checked by three Cadwallon figures I promised to paint for a friend. I really need to get those done and when I do, it’ll free me with regard to The Pile. As long as I let these three figures sit unpainted, I fear I may keep picking up new minis until I’ll never be able to finish them all.

So, Cadwallon, you bastard, here I come!

How do you guys keep your momentum up? For example, I am in awe of the dude at Fawcett Avenue Conscripts. Not only is he a great painter and modeler, he turns out prolific amounts of painted figures at a rate I could never hope to match. Check his blog out because he’s got some great stuff on there!

One Response to “A wind is blowing…”

  1. I sympathize immensely…..the ever growing stack of unpainted lead and plastic can be daunting….but I will help you by taking the Old Crow tanks off your hands if you wish to downsoize ;)…..Good luck! You are a great painter!!

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