Go with what you know

I learned a lesson today at the EndGame Grey Knights painting challenge. That lesson is, I can’t speed paint and I don’t like doing it either. I didn’t get anywhere near being what I considered “finished”. I made my best effort to get the work done but found myself rushing, making the kind of errors I don’t like to make and realizing that speed painting is really just for getting models on the game table as fast as possible, which is not my M.O.

Sure, I want to put painted models on the table, but I really just need to do it at my own pace. But I realized I often paint just for painting’s sake and because I enjoy it. If I’m not enjoying it I won’t do it.

Now,  I did very much enjoy hanging out with some new people and just painting and talking and whatnot, but there was a point there near the end where I should have just switched my mind over from, “Got to finish this in time!” to “Forget about the contest, just paint for yourself”.

Anyway, I took the Grey Knights home and I’m working on them now – still trying to go fast since I just want them done and out of the way of the other Marines I was working on.

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