Grey Knights Power Armor Squad

OK, so I got these guys done. Did the assembly and started painting on Saturday at Endgame, and finished on Sunday. Not the best I’ve ever done and the camera reveals lots of messy bits in close, but I think they turned out alright.

I don’t play 40K and I’m not collecting Grey Knights, but these are pretty good minis. The detail is excellent and I particularly like the words engraved on the armor. That must have been Gods Own Bastard to sculpt. You think they do this with computer lathes?

Anyway, here are some pics!

2 Responses to “Grey Knights Power Armor Squad”

  1. I *wish* I could speed paint like this. “Messy?” Are you daft? These are awesome.

    I’m still up for running you through a game. I have a ton of Space Marines, so anything you want to run, I probably have it.

  2. […] even have the right minis for the job. Though I may also need one of […]

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