Rising Sun Chapter – Captain and Chaplain

I’m not going to say these are “display quality” (even though I’ll be putting them in my display cabinet, but the Captain and the Chaplain I have been working on since the beginning of August are now done, and I do think they are some of my best efforts to date. Both represent something of a step forward in terms of my modeling and painting technique.

The Captain is the first mini that I have magnetized. I went all-out and did all his weapon options (still have two arms to go, but hey…). Magnetizing minis was a bit of a cloud to me at first, but I read up on it and took the plunge. Turned out to be pretty easy and I’m probably going to put magnets on a lot of 40K models from here on out.

The other thing about the Captain that I like is how the heads came out. I’m still working on his face-masked head but the helmeted head and bare head look good. I was especially worried about the kumadori design on the face – it’s hard to do and easy to mess up. I also didn’t want him to look like some sort of Chaos warrior. But I don’t think he does and even the close up pics don’t show too many flaws.

With the Chaplain I think I’ve gotten a little better at doing zenith lighting effects. It’s hard to see in the pics but it’s there. I’ve gotten better at it not perfected it! I was working with black too, which was also a bit of a challenge. Two things helped a lot in this regard, master painter Finn Kisch’s tutorial on painting black and a bit of advice I read somewhere that said painting black is less about painting the black itself than it is about all the other details on the mini. This was true for the Chaplain and I’m pretty happy with the results, in particular the Japanese writing on the scrolls and purity seals.

The writing on the scrolls I did with a Sakura 005 Micron pen. It was impossible to get perfect characters that small, but I was actually trying to write in Japanese. I pulled some samurai death poems and whatnot from some books I have and put those on, though you really can’t read them, even if you can read Japanese. The seal on his left shoulder is kinda legible though – it says 【不名誉より死」”Death Before Dishonor”. Just the sort of sentiment a Space Marine Chaplain should promote!

Now, pics!

5 Responses to “Rising Sun Chapter – Captain and Chaplain”

  1. Hi, I’m very fascinated uppon your work 🙂 . I have been also thinking about japanese themed SM chapter, I’ve also moddeled my SM to look more like samurai, but I haven’t found suitable colour scheme for them. I saw yours, and I was very impressed with it, really nice job.

    Would you mind if I use the same colour scheme, except diferent kanji?

    Best regards

  2. stingersix Says:

    I wouldn’t mind at all! Have at it! And be sure to let me know when you have some pics of your finished models up somewhere – I’d love to see them!

  3. Thank you 🙂 …I am curently working on death company assault squad, which I remodeled (put some maedate on helmets, and kusazuri around the belt, sculpted katana for one, and made helmet that looks similar to takeda shingen’s helmet) 🙂

    Where can I post pictures when I’ll be finished?
    p.s kanji and painting propably won’t be so good as yours, but I’ll do my best 😛

  4. p.s may I also ask, if you could tell me, where did you get those sashimono flags, they look really nice?

  5. stingersix Says:

    Post the pics on your blog I suppose. I made the flags myself. They’re just a length of wire and a piece of paper! 🙂

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