WIP Rhino – interior

I’ve never bothered to paint the interiors of my 40K Rhinos – I just glued the doors shut and that was it. But this latest one I’m working on I plan to be able to switch it between being a Rhino and a Razorback. So, the top doors aren’t being glued on (I did magnetize them so they would stay in place when opened though) and because of that, I painted the interior.

I borrowed the Imperial Armour Masterclass book from a friend and pulled out one extremely simple and extremely effective technique. Although many of the techniques in that book are based on the use of an airbrush, this one is dead simple – using a bit of sponge to create weathering effects.

Having seen what beat up and weather-beaten armor really looks like this technique of dabbing on grey, black or dark brown paint produces a highly realistic and satisfying effect. I laid it down on a base of khaki, off-white and white that I drybrushed on to the black primed model.

Now that I’ve done the interior, once I get the rest of the model together, I’ll put some more of those techniques to use on the exterior. This should be a nice looking model when I’m done!


3 Responses to “WIP Rhino – interior”

  1. Good job on the paintjob!

  2. Secret Weapons Miniatures has some cool products for vehicle weathering, and the also give local master-classes on the techniques in the bay area from time-to-time. You should check it out.

    Stuff looks amazing on the table, by the way. Makes my army look pretty sad. 😦

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