Rhino complete + magnet madness

So, finished that Rhino. Man, I’m looking forward to painting some other vehicle besides APCs. But, the Marines gotta have their rides.

I have set this one up so I can turn it into a Razorback by swapping out the top doors for the turret mount. I magnetized the weapons and can switch between the heavy bolters and the lasers (primed ’em today, should get them painted over the weekend, but the Rhino’s done). I also went so far as to magnetize the storm bolter on the cupola so I can switch that around too.

And I painted the third and final head for my Captain. My shitty camera make him look cross-eyed up close.

Finally, I got to work on my dreadnought. Magnetized all the weapon options of that too. Pics of that later.

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