Bits Box Diving

On a whim, I rummaged around one of my old bits boxes (I think I have three or four buried in different places in my home). I had opened up one of my oldest and discovered a few things that hadn’t seen the light of day since university.

Some real buried treasure in there too. Here we go!

First is an old Space Marine Captain from the Rogue Trader days. This guy’s pretty cool as he has a bionic leg – obviously a replacement for the one he lost in battle. I could use him as a squad sergeant or captain.

Next we have a Zulu warrior and a Napoleonic French Grenadier. Don’t recall where I got these from or why. Seems I had a mind to paint the Grenadier, since I primed him and painted his face, then apparently lost interest.

Now here is a selection of 40K snotlings from around 1989 – 90 or so. I’ve always liked the wacky character of the Orks in 40K and used to have a sizeable number of them, including a few bases of snotlings. Check out all the plastic Mekboy tools! And I’ve got the top and bottom halves of a Boss there too.

This next one is a knight that I used in a Pendragon RPG campaign about 17 or 18 years ago. Not sure who made it – maybe Grenadier?

This fun-lovin’ greenskin is from the old Rogue Trader Ork Raiders set I think. I thought I’d painted them all but this guy apparently only got halfway basecoated. I also note that I used to prime white, and did it by simply painting on white paint! Urgh! Not anymore!

Now these are interesting. They’re character miniatures for the Shadowrun RPG, which I’m pretty sure were made by Grenadier. They look pretty good too – very crisp details and clean sculpts. Love the troll bouncer and the street shaman with the dreadlocks.

These are some old arm and weapon sprues for Orks and Marines (which is stamped 1992). I can certainly use those Marine weapons now.

Here’s an interesting one – the Yamato from the Star Blazers miniatures game. Unfortunately a couple of the metal fins broke off the stern and are gone. It’s otherwise in good shape.

There were some other interesting odds and ends in there – for some reason I have a number of plastic Warhammer skeletons. There are also some 30mm fantasy warriors that I have no idea where they came from. I also found a Crimson Skies fighter plane that was half-painted and some very old Battlefleet Gothic ships from the 1st edition of that game. Certainly the Marine captain was a good find. I’ll have to go through those other bits boxes too!

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