40K and Me, Part: Whatever

So, I am playing 40K now. Didn’t think I would but as long as I’m having fun, I’m in. I’m still learning the game and I expect to lose a lot, but so far I’m doing all right. Basically, I’ve decided I’m going to play it on my own terms. Primarily that means no tournaments or “competitive” type play (by which I mean just playing to win). I paint lots of miniatures and I like minis games, but my real hobby love is pen & paper roleplaying games. What this means for my minis gaming is, I always/often write up a story behind the game I’m about to play. Even if it a bare minimum of detail, I like to give the tabletop battle about to be waged some kind of context.

OGs (Original Gamers) who remember the old 40K: Rogue Trader from back in the day will recall that it was a curious blend of miniatures game and RPG. The scenario generator in the back of the book is a goldmine of ideas that you can still apply to the 40K tabletop today. And even if you don’t do that, you can still create any sort of storyline you like for your games, so that they’re not just another in an endless series of 1500pt slugfests over the same 1d5 objective markers. Just thinking about doing that bores me senseless.

Currently, my 40K mentor (if you will) Adan and I are playing a 3-scenario mini-campaign, his Alpha Legion Chaos Marines against my Rising Sun Marines. The idea is the Chaos boys have launched a raid on the Rising Sun homeworld to steal some of their geneseed. In the first action, which you can read about here, the Alpha Legion made off with some of the Chapter’s geneseed. What made this more than just a 1,000pt shootout was, for us, the story that came out of it. There were some heroes (like my Sergeant who we’ve given a WS/BS bump after his amazing knock-down, drag-out fight) and some goats (my Chaplain who lost the battle). Both Adan and I are excited about the next game.

So, this is how I mean to play 40K, with a focus on building the games around some sort of story. It’s clearly not the best minis game out there in absolute terms, but there is fun to be had with it with the right people and the right attitude.

You think you can take me? You gonna need an army if you think you can take me!

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