Dreadnought & Sergeant pics

Took a few shots of my dreadnought. I finally got all the weapons painted and it’s all done – a good feeling! I magnetized all the weapons and put big magnets in the torso and legs so the two assemblies can move or come apart for storage. Here we go:

The basic loadout


I painted the same Chapter markings on all the right arm weapons

Close combat weapon w/ Heavy Flamer

The CCW weapon mount is magnetized and I can switch between heavy flamer and storm bolter

The kanji read (left) Oni (right) Guma - Oniguma - Demon Bear

Banners attached

Opposite side

Lascannon - I tried the "heat stained" effect on the barrels using washes. Came out pretty well.

Assault cannon, also with heat discoloration and muzzle scorching

2nd Company Banner with the company commander's insignia (top), company number (middle), and company insignia (bottom)

Honored Brother Oniguma's personal heraldry

Front close-up, with the Chapter motto on the right armor plate

"Move as swift as a wind, stay as silent as forest, attack as fierce as fire, undefeatable defense like a mountain."

And you remember that old captain model I dug out of the bits box the other day?

Well, I painted him up as Sgt. Akumashi (Daemonbane), hardass leader of one of my Tactical Squads. He’s survived an insane number of close combats against foes that greatly outnumbered or out-rolled him. The bionic leg is a good representation of that I think. I ditched the original cloak and used a current backpack and banner pole. The power sword is from that old bits sprue I found from 1992. Since the mini and the sprue are contemporary to each other, they fit perfectly.

Been doing a lot of painting lately!

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