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Recent work – Bikes & Captain

Posted in 40K, Minis with tags , , on November 28, 2011 by stingersix

With the holidays coming up, I’ve pulled back on acquisitions of new models for my Space Marine Chapter. The last things i bought were a Bike Squad and an Assault Terminator Sgt. I got off eBay to use as a Captain or Lysander stand-in. I spent most of the month working on these guys and finished them off this weekend.

I really like the bike models and I’ll probably build out a full squad of these plus an attack bike at some point. I magnetized the right arm of the sergeant so he can be equipped with a power sword or power fist. If I pay attention to the polarity of the magnets I’ll be able to use these arms on any future figures I build as well.

The banner on the bike sgt. is magnetized so I can pull it off for storage/transport. I had an idea to put banners on all the bikes, but talked myself out of that, fortunately! My wife was laughing and said I should write 「夜露死苦」(“yoroshiku”) which is a pun on the Japanese word for “greetings” that uses kanji characters for dark and nasty things – you see this sort of thing on the banners of Japanese bosozoku motorcycle gang punks.  I thought about it but that second kanji would be a bitch to write that small. Anyway, the bikes came out okay, so I’m happy with them.

The Terminator Captain I will eventually use to lead a Terminator Assault Squad, but for now, he’ll stand in for Lysander (I’m calling him Masamune). I wrote the furinkazan chapter motto on his left greave and I think it came out really well this time – some of my better work with the fudepen. I’m getting better and more confident writing kanji so small, but I’ll be damned if I’m not holding my breath every time I do it – there’s no room for error (an I do make a lot).

I’m satisfied with the mon on the banner. I originally wanted to do the actual Date Masamune family crest, but a test on a piece of scrap quickly revealed it was just too hard for me, at least with my level of brush control. So I went for an easier design and used the Tokugawa family crest, which I did without looking at a reference because I know it well. Thing is, when I was painting it, I couldn’t remember whose it was, and then when I was done, I realized it. Probably should have used something more obscure, but oh well.

This was the first “modern” Terminator model I’ve painted and I have to say, it’s a pretty cool model.