Drop Pod restoration?

Adan kindly gave me a thoroughly jacked up looking drop pod that he picked up at the EndGame minis swap meet that I think he said he got for a dollar? Anyway, the thing was in pretty rough shape – the assembly was sloppy, it’s missing a few parts and was given a slapdash brushcoat of some sort of horrific white paint (apparently to serve as primer?). I swear it looks like house paint. I looked at it for a few days and thought about pitching it, but then these damned things are $33 at full retail and I hate to waste stuff.

So, I broke it apart as carefully as I could – it was put together with messy uneven globs of what looks like Testor’s model cement – and I’ve dunked a few of the smaller bits in the Simple Green to see if that awful paint will come off. If it does, I’ll strip the whole thing, sand down the rough spots, get it back together, eBay the missing parts and repaint. Right now it’s sorta sounding like more trouble than it’s worth ($33!)

Here’s a pic of the pile of parts. Sorta makes me think of a dismembered corpse. We’ll see if I can’t reanimate!

A dog's breakfast?

One Response to “Drop Pod restoration?”

  1. Five dollars… But yeah, not much.

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