Paint scheme, plus metal!

Thought I’d put up the paint scheme for my Rising Sun Space Marine Chapter.

The base color is GW Astronomican Grey. The greaves and right shoulder are GW Skull White. The red is Reaper Fire Red and the gold trim is Reaper Antique Gold with Reaper New Gold highlights. I do the kanji characters by hand, with a brush or fudepen.

As I have mentioned before, Japanese themed Space Marines are not a new idea, and there are conversion parts that make them look more like samurai. I’ve chosen not to go this route, mostly because I’ve been painting my Space Marines this way for over 20 years, but also because I feel the addition of the kanji achieves a more subtle distinction – you notice the difference but the outline is the same familiar Space Marine silhouette. The kanji on the back banners combined with samurai crests also is distinctive without being too jarring.

In other news, I got a box of metal Sternguard Veterans. I like the solid feel and weight of metal but was reminded of how hard it is to work with compared to plastic. Cleaning and trimming is a bit of a chore. I mean to work up five more Sternguard from bits and so on to fill out the squad as well.


2 Responses to “Paint scheme, plus metal!”

  1. Luca De Vitis Says:

    What painter did you use for the picture? B&C with something of your own?

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