Airbrush Fail

Totally failed at using the airbrush today. I set about spraying that drop pod and made a huge mess. I wasn’t expecting miracles, just a smooth basecoat. What I got was a runny, uneven, blotchy mess. The trigger on the airbrush basically gave me either full blast or not enough. I tried several paint mixes, thinner or thicker, fiddled with the valve, etc. And despite the moisture trap, it was drooling water all over the place. The paint cup is poorly positioned (under the brush as opposed to on top) and paint would spill out – just a frustrating mess.I’ll probably have to sand the damned thing down again. I remember saying this would probably be more trouble than it’s worth.


I get fine basecoats results with a regular brush so I’m going back to that and put the airbrush away.

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