Drop Pod finished!

Got that drop pod all restored and finished. Not my best work but good enough and it’s nice to have rescued a $33 model from the trash can (where I was going to put it at first). Thanks to Adan for giving it to me in the first place!

So despite the airbrush failure a few days ago, I managed to touch up the ugly parts of the basecoat with a brush. As I put the pieces back together it started looking more presentable. It’s kind of a boring model to paint – it’s just a transport after all, but I did the caution stripes on the doors, did a little detail on the seat harnesses and painted the gyro – those touches make it stand out a bit more. And I did the obligatory Furinkazan motto of the Rising Sun Chapter in kanji on the doors. They didn’t come out so well, but I was kind of rushing at that point – I need to get my wife to coach my writing.

If there is a reason I rushed it a bit, it’s because I’m hot to get working on the Space Marine Sternguard minis I just got. I have 5 of the metal ones and I’m building 5 more using the plastic Tactical Marines as a base and adding bits of bling to make them look like vets, including converted combi-meltas and flamers.

Anyway, here’s the finished drop pod!

One Response to “Drop Pod finished!”

  1. This came out looking fantastic. You actually accomplish things I picture in my head, but can never get to be a reality at the end of my paint brush. Well done!

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