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2012! Go!

Posted in Blather, Minis with tags , , , , on January 2, 2012 by stingersix

Ah, a new year and a fresh start for gaming in 2012! I plan on painting and gaming like crazy all year!

Last year I got into 40K after a decades long absence, mostly because I love the minis and I’ve been deep into running the 40K RPGs (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch). My collection of Space Marines continues to grow and I’m making a New Year’s resolution out of this. Basically, I’m going to try and paint one unit, vehicle or character per month until I feel I’m done. Even if I don’t hit this goal, working toward it will keep me busy.

In fact I’m already working on a unit of Sternguard. I have five of the metal models and I made five more out of Tactical Marines and a bunch of bits.

I finished this guy today (base isn't painted but the model itself is done). Pretty happy with how this came out.

The mon on the banner is the personal insignia of this veteran sergeant.

These are the plastic ones. The combi-meltas and combi-flamer are converted from bolt guns, storm bolter magazines and flamer and melta bits. Extra purity seals, Terminator honors and other little bits help add to the bling.

Combi-melta and combi-flamer. Turned the exposure all the way up since these are only primed at the moment.

All the arms are magnetized so I can switch things around. For example, this guy can now carry a heavy flamer. Apologies for the lousy focus, but at least you can see what was done.

I keep putting off building and painting a Predator tank. Given how often they appear in my list, I really need to do this.

And I had another game of Tomorrow’s War last week. It was another learning game and I indeed learned a lot. It’s got some of Stargrunt’s DNA, but it’s not Stargrunt. Battles between forces with a disparity in troop quality can seem pretty one-sided, but can actually be pretty balanced depending on the mission objectives. I played the basic scenario out of the book with Chris R. and my handful of mercs were thrashing and smashing the Altairian rebels.  But even so, just one good round of fire from the rebels and I would definitely have lost. For the rebel player with the crappy troops, it can be frustrating to fire and fire and just get smacked by overwatch fire from superior troops, and this could be a sticking point with many players. Until you understand and get on board with the idea that this is what the game intends to show, it might be a bit hard to swallow.

At any rate, we discovered (near the end of the game) that we were forgetting a pretty important rule (suppressive fire), which will probably change things a lot when we implement it properly next time. The action-reaction chain got a little tricky too, especially when overwatch is used, so we’ll probably need another couple of games to get this one all figured out. I’m looking forward to it though!

So, here’s to 2012!