Finished off that Sternguard squad a couple weeks ago but realized I hadn’t posted about them. So here are a few shots to make up for that.

First up is the metal Sternguard that come in the box set. They’ve got lots of bling and such molded on to them and look pretty nice. I added the Terminator honors on the backpacks, and the banner pole.

Next are the plastic ones I made from some leftover Tactical Marines. These are the ones I magnetized the weapon arms on, so I can switch them around. I added a few extra bits – Terminator honors, extra purity seals, master crafted bolters and so on. The combi-weapons are all conversions, as is the heavy flamer. I’m really happy with how these came out, and they blend with the metal models fairly well too.

These two are my favorite of the metal models. The guy with the banner has a great, dynamic pose and is a really cool mini – love the one-handed bolter action! But the guy on the left has a sort of subtle badass-itude I really like.

Much progress being made on the Predator! Watch for it!

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