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Rising Suns Land Raider

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My 40K motor pool continues to expand. I finished this Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer this month. Lots of magnetized bits on this one, but not as many as the Predator. The sponson weapons can be switched around, and the top deck fittings are removable. I also did a couple of crew models – storm bolter gunner, multi-melta gunner and a commander waving his chainsword around (“Get me closer, I want to hit it with my sword!”)

Salute UK

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Ah, if I win the Mega Millions lottery, I will be going to Salute UK next year in high style. Chartered jet, swank hotel suite, chauffered limo, the works. Plenty of cash to buy all the miniatures I could ever want and hire the best painters I could find to paint the stuff I wouldn’t have time to do myself.

Fantasy aside, I would really love to go to Salute UK, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, wargames conventions in the world. I understand Adepticon is running close second, but Salute’s emphasis on any and all types of miniatures wargaming is very attractive. Just looking at their list of games makes my head spin. Everything from sci-fi and fantasy to historicals of every time period. Dozens and dozens of manufacturers. Ah, I’d love to go.

Any of you ever been to Salute UK? What was it like? What did you do?

Epic follow-up and scout head chopping

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Played Epic for the first time in about 6 years last Wednesday and reminded myself of how much I love that game (Bruce, if you’re reading this, this one was for you, buddy!) I got my ass kicked but the final VP total maybe didn’t reflect how close it was, at least until the last turn. But whatever excuses for getting whooped that I may make I still had a blast. A little rusty on the rules but hey, you gotta knock that off somehow. It was great to see the battlefield covered with troops and vehicles, maneuvering at a scale that makes a lot more sense.

In the past, I played Space Marines most often. In this game, my opponent Adan had the Astartes and I played my Imperial Guard army.

My big error was not covering my artillery company with supporting infantry – I’d have done a lot better if I had deployed my infantry company in range of the gun tubes rather than bottling them up inside the Capitol Imperialis (which I managed to forget to bring on the day, duh). Then when the Marines dropped right on top of my Basilisks and Bombards, I could have just blown them all away. Also, Hydra AA guns are a lot more useful against a Thunderhawk than an Ogryn squad (which I must admit I took just because I wanted to).

So while having my artillery park pasted was a big reason I lost, the big fight I came up short on was on one of the main objectives.

I had an infantry company deployed here, along with a heavy support detachment. The Marines came at me with attack bikers and some assault troops drop-podding in. I almost fought them off, and the battle went back and forth, until when I thought I had it, I got hit by another attack deploying out of Rhinos. By that point my company was nearly broken and when they did break, they blew their morale check and it was over. Had I made that morale check, I still had enough guys left that I might have been able to throw the Marines back.

So it was a great battle and a fun game!

In other news, I’m repainting my Scouts a bit. I’ve never been happy with the way they came out. The kumadori design looks good on the regular Marines, but on the Scouts, it just didn’t work so I’m re-doing them. Taking the kumadori off also fits with my fluff in that the Scouts don’t get to wear it until they’re full-fledged Space Marines. So, they’re getting normal fleshtones, except for the Sergeant who, as a veteran Astartes, has the kumadori. However, the Scout Sergeant model basically has the same head as the other Scouts, so he still looks like a “kid” Marine. I’ve removed the Sarge’s head and replaced it with a slightly trimmed down Marine head. I found one that actually looks like he has half his face replaced with metal, so I figure he’ll make a suitably grizzled old vet.

I’ll put pics of these up when I’m done in a couple days.

Up to no good! EPIC

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Still painting 40K stuff. What can I say, I’ve always liked the minis as I’ve said before. Stargrunt is still a far better game (and I need to get another game of that in I think). But lately, I’ve been playing 40K. Perhaps the more interesting news is, I have a game of Epic Space Marine laid on this week!

Yes, it’s been about 6 years since I last played, a big 6,000 point game played with my buddy Bruce as a send-off when I left Japan. As I recall our very first game of Epic all those years ago was a 6,000-pointer – we just went for it and put all our toys on the table. It was awesome.

I know you can play Apocalypse in 40K, but frankly, it looks silly. The table is filled with models with no room to maneuver and you just shove them all together. If you want to go big, you need more space and it’s better to up the scale, which is where Epic shines. You have more room to maneuver, the ranges feel more believable, the units are more manageable, and you can have a lot of super-heavy vehicles and Titans running around. Since units die fairly easily in Epic, it feels more like a big battle, with whole units wiped out in one go. The overhead view of an Epic game is…well, Epic!

The game I’m playing is part of a campaign of regular 40K. It’s a battle between the Nimbus Planetary Defense Force (represented by Imperial Guard units) and the Relictors Space Marines, who have been declared Excommunicate Traitoris and are out doing bad things like invading Imperial worlds.

So I’ve been reviewing the rules on my commute lately and remembering how simple they were. As with any rules GW writes, there were holes but nothing you couldn’t fill with some house rules.

Here are the forces we’re using:

Nimbus PDF (IG)


Tactical Company, Heavy Support Detachment
Tactical Company, Capitol Imperialis, Leman Russ Detachment
Assault Company, Sentinel Detachment
Artillery Company, Ogryn Detachment

Relictors (SM)


Tactical Company, Space Marine Commander, Whirlwind Detachment, Thunderhawk
Assault Company, Bike Detachment, Terminator Detachment
Land Raider Company

In other news, I’m working on a Land Raider Crusader. Should have that done in another week or two. I also painted a Space Marine Librarian a few weeks ago.