Epic follow-up and scout head chopping

Played Epic for the first time in about 6 years last Wednesday and reminded myself of how much I love that game (Bruce, if you’re reading this, this one was for you, buddy!) I got my ass kicked but the final VP total maybe didn’t reflect how close it was, at least until the last turn. But whatever excuses for getting whooped that I may make I still had a blast. A little rusty on the rules but hey, you gotta knock that off somehow. It was great to see the battlefield covered with troops and vehicles, maneuvering at a scale that makes a lot more sense.

In the past, I played Space Marines most often. In this game, my opponent Adan had the Astartes and I played my Imperial Guard army.

My big error was not covering my artillery company with supporting infantry – I’d have done a lot better if I had deployed my infantry company in range of the gun tubes rather than bottling them up inside the Capitol Imperialis (which I managed to forget to bring on the day, duh). Then when the Marines dropped right on top of my Basilisks and Bombards, I could have just blown them all away. Also, Hydra AA guns are a lot more useful against a Thunderhawk than an Ogryn squad (which I must admit I took just because I wanted to).

So while having my artillery park pasted was a big reason I lost, the big fight I came up short on was on one of the main objectives.

I had an infantry company deployed here, along with a heavy support detachment. The Marines came at me with attack bikers and some assault troops drop-podding in. I almost fought them off, and the battle went back and forth, until when I thought I had it, I got hit by another attack deploying out of Rhinos. By that point my company was nearly broken and when they did break, they blew their morale check and it was over. Had I made that morale check, I still had enough guys left that I might have been able to throw the Marines back.

So it was a great battle and a fun game!

In other news, I’m repainting my Scouts a bit. I’ve never been happy with the way they came out. The kumadori design looks good on the regular Marines, but on the Scouts, it just didn’t work so I’m re-doing them. Taking the kumadori off also fits with my fluff in that the Scouts don’t get to wear it until they’re full-fledged Space Marines. So, they’re getting normal fleshtones, except for the Sergeant who, as a veteran Astartes, has the kumadori. However, the Scout Sergeant model basically has the same head as the other Scouts, so he still looks like a “kid” Marine. I’ve removed the Sarge’s head and replaced it with a slightly trimmed down Marine head. I found one that actually looks like he has half his face replaced with metal, so I figure he’ll make a suitably grizzled old vet.

I’ll put pics of these up when I’m done in a couple days.

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