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Paint first, then assemble?

Posted in Minis with tags , , on May 11, 2012 by stingersix

One reason it takes me so long to get my minis done is I don’t assemble them completely before painting. Usually, I’ll put them together (if they need assembly) up to the point where I think I’d prefer to paint an individual piece before attaching it to the overall model (for example, weapons). I know a lot of people (most even?) don’t do this – after all, why paint something that’s going to get covered up anyway? And that’s a perfectly good reason too. Time of course, is also a prime factor for almost everyone.

Yet, when I’m working on stuff for my collection, I don’t mind taking the time. I don’t lavish as much attention on the parts that will be covered, but I will see that they are basecoated and washed. Sometimes I will go in and detail things that might be partially covered, so that the transition from the covered to the uncovered area is smooth. Also, sometimes it can be very difficult to get your brush into certain areas of a model if its already assembled. You might not be able to see that area so well once it’s done, but when looked at closely, you can see if it wasn’t done at the same level as everywhere else.

At any rate, I paint this way mostly to satisfy myself and I do enjoy the results.

I think I developed this painting habit when I was a kid building model airplanes, as I have a memory of reading some piece of advice somewhere that suggested painting small items first before assembly. Odd how something like that can make such a lasting impression!

What about you? Do you put your models all together first and then paint, or paint first then assemble?