Forge World Mk IV Ironclad Dreadnought

I’ve finished my “Forge World” Ironclad Dreadnought. I put Forge World in quotes because I bought this on eBay from a seller in Hong Kong and since it didn’t come with any packaging, I’ve no idea if it’s actually a FW model. It was a good cast at any rate, and i had no trouble putting it together save the usual things you have to deal with when working with resin.

I paid attention to the polarity of the magnets and matched them to the other Dreadnought I have. In a pinch, I can switch the weapons between the two for a little extra variability. Pretty happy with the results!

So, pics!

5 Responses to “Forge World Mk IV Ironclad Dreadnought”

  1. Yeah, it’s fake. That company is based in China, so they can get away with a lot. Having said that, GW seem pretty ruthless in shutting them down, and the website has dissapeared and reappeared at a different URL a few times this last month…

    I personally haven’t bought anything from them yet, but a few of my mates have. Well worth it.

  2. That’s interesting. There seems to be a few going on eBay at the moment from someone is Russia at the moment as well, although the casting on those does seem a bit off from the pictures they’ve supplied.

    The paint job is very nice by the way, love the solid greys and whites.

  3. Now there’s an idea! Buy the fakes, and sell them for profit…

  4. Having another look at your model. That really is absolutely stunning.

  5. I like the way you’ve done your banners. Any chance of a tutorial on that? I’m currently doing a Samurai themed GK Army and so far your method looks like the best.

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