DUST Warfare

I have to say, the new DUST Warfare game from Fantasy Flight just looks more and more attractive. The minis are super cool (and the range is expanding in very interesting ways) and the rules sound really good. My hobby budget has been slashed as of late and looking at DUST Warfare is making my next purchase a tough choice (more GW or DUST?) That said, I may just buy a box of the pre-primed minis just to see how they paint up.

Has anyone out there had a go at it?

2 Responses to “DUST Warfare”

  1. I haven’t given it a try yet because, like you, there is no budget available for it but the pdf download for the rules is only 20 bucks so that one possibility:
    I know you are fiending desperately for the minis though. Go the 1/72 route for infantry and for the tanks, hot glue old zoids legs onto the turrets of Shermans and Panzer III’s.

  2. Nooooo! *covers eyes*

    -I don’t need another wargame. Repeat after me. I don’t need another wargame. I don’t need another wargame.

    Or maybe that’s just me. =D

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