My wandering eye – DUST Warfare, Dropzone Commander

I feel I may be reaching a “saturation point” with my 40K stuff. While I still want to paint things for my Rising Sun Space Marines, new games are beckoning to me. DUST Warfare is looking more and more attractive. And I have to say I’m highly intrigued by Drop Zone Commander. I’ve got enough Space Marines for a 2,000-point army now, though I do have some holes in the roster I’d like to fill. Still I can play 40K easily enough with what I have and that means I may very well head into DUST territory and see what that looks like.

One Response to “My wandering eye – DUST Warfare, Dropzone Commander”

  1. I had a bit of a similar moment this afternoon. I looked at my GW armies currently on display (Ogres, Minas Tirith and Black Templars). My thought process went something like this:

    -I don’t want you anymore.
    -Maybe I should keep just my Templars to try out 6th…
    -But, I don’t want you anymore.
    -Maybe I should keep my ogres to play against the only other local still into fantasy…
    -I don’t want you anymore.
    -Maybe I should keep my Minas Tirith because they were the army that started it all…
    -I don’t want you anymore.
    -But you have a special place in my heart…

    Dammnit. I can’t let you go.

    Games Workshop. The abusive spouse of tabletop wargaming. And yet, I still can’t let it go.

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