Getting into DUST, thinking about 6e, and Brothers in spirit!

Got myself a copy of the DUST Warfare book, and working on painting up an Axis force using the EndGame store miniatures set. Many of the battles in DUST apparently take place in Antartica, but I decided to go for a more temperate European theme and did a Peadot pattern for these German grenadiers.

I need to take a new pic of this guy, since I have since changed the color scheme a bit. His trousers are now the same base color as the jacket (but not camouflaged, and his body armor is now the same shade of grey as the trousers are in the pics above. The lighter body armor helps the camo pattern of the shirt stand out more. I’m torn on doing the camo on the trousers now, since it will take more time and I simply want to get these guys done and ready for play.

Digging the DUST Warfare game itself. Liking everything I’m seeing in the rulebook so far and hoping to play soon. If I can, I’m going to champion it at the store, try to generate some interest and build a community there.

As the imminent release of 6th edition 40K looms, I am steering clear of the rumor sites. Really, why bother? What good does knowing anything about it now do you when you’re not actually playing the game yet and all these rumors are presented without the context of the entire 6e ruleset as a whole? I mean, really, when the book comes out, it comes out, you get it if you want it and you play the game and then decide what you like and don’t like. People…

Finally, I am pleased to have found a kindred spirit across the internet and across the Pond. Targol (I think that’s his name) in France, has also done his own samurai-themed Space Marine Chapter. Unlike mine, he has gone the extra mile to do conversions that make the models look like they’re wearing samurai armor (and he’s done it quite well too). Now, with Kromlech’s selection of samurai bits, I suppose I don’t have any more excuses to not do this as well. I am actually thinking about trying some of the Kromlech parts and making another Captain, this one carrying a power katana and with a samurai helmet – I found some etched brass helmet crests I might use made by Oshiro. The Kromlech heads are cool but until I get some in my hands to see them up close, I can’t decide.

Anyway, check out Targol’s work! It’s really great!

3 Responses to “Getting into DUST, thinking about 6e, and Brothers in spirit!”

  1. Nice camo! You’ve got guts trying pea dot and you’ve got skills to pull it off. How about a slightly brighter photo from a little power angle so we can get a better look at the paint job?
    Judging from the reviews and comments on many sites, it looks like Dust Warfare and Dust Tactics are winners. Descended from Starship Troopers by Mongoose, then evolved through their Battlefield Evolution World at War, the game seems to get almost everything right. Gotta order the rules next payday!

  2. UGHHH. I had to look at this post. Dust Warfare? What is that? Oh, it is a tabletop game that uses the Dust Tactics models that I love but never bought. Curse you. I had to go ASAP and track down a copy of the rulebook. Now I’m getting ready to buy the Dust Tactics core box for the figures. SIGH. It is hard being a geek. 🙂 Love your work btw

  3. darren damant Says:

    Question for you, how did you weather your old crow vehicles? I have some of the same but cannot seem to get it right. Did you spray NATO green over a white/grey/primer? Did you wash the vehicle at all? Some hints would be much appreciated.

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