DUST Warfare Battle Report

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Played my first game of DUST Warfare last night against Rob Elling, a gracious and cool guy I might add. I had a lot of fun with the game and I am now very eager to play more. It was a small 150pt game, and since it was the first go for both of us, there was a learning curve as we tried to figure out the rules. As we went along though, the turns got faster (even as the number of units on the board increased) and I found that the concepts in the game were fairly easy to grasp.

One thing I did notice is that the rules are very well-written and even cross referenced, and we were able to find clear answers to most of our in-game questions. There were a few things that were a little confusing, but on careful reading we puzzled them out and the solutions made sense.

Here’s a short batrep.

My force:

Allied Combat Platoon

Upgrade: Improved Command (5)

Command Section: “The Boss” Ranger Command Squad (25)

1st Section: “The Gunners” Combat Ranger Squad (17)

2nd Section: “The Hammers” Heavy Ranger Assault Squad (28)

3rd Section: “Death Dealers” Ranger Weapon Squad (20)

Support: MCW M2-C “Pounder” (40)

Support: “Crack Shots” Sniper Team (12)


Rob’s force (from memory, the list below only comes out to 138 pts so Rob, let me know what I missed): Axis Sturmgrenadiere Platoon

Command Section: Kommandotrupp (25)

1st Section: Battle Grenadiers (17)

2nd Section: Laser Grenadiers (21)

3rd Section: Heavy Laser Grenadiers (35)

Support: MPW II-D “Lothar” (40)

We played the March Battle where no forces begin on the board and you get squads each turn. Terrain was arranged in a ring with the center area of the board open.

Turn 1 – I brought my Boss squad and my gunners squad on. The Boss squad moved into some woods and basically stayed there for the rest of the game, trying to call in Long Tom strikes. This is offboard artillery, which promises to be very devastating, but you need to get it on target first by rolling a hit on a single die. This I failed to do every turn (the law of averages deserted me). Had I landed a barrage on target, it could have been nasty, since I could hit two units with it if they were within 6″ of each other. Rob’s Grenadiers moved on and we got our intitial positions set.

Turn 2 – My Hammers jumped in. Wow, these dudes with the rocket packs are awesome! Soldier 3, so they’re tough. If you do a March Move (double move) you can go 24″ and clear terrain features up to 9″ high. And, enemy units can’t react to a jump move! Very handy for getting them in close, which is where they need to be, since they only have Rocket Punch attacks (6 of them in a full squad). My Gunners moved forward and we started exchanging fire between our point units. First use of the Reaction system, which I really liked.

Turn 3 – Support units arrived. Snipers took up position on my left and fired, but missed (as they would for all the following turns). Moved my Pounder into firing position. Rob’s Lothar came in. The Lothar is an awesome anti-infantry vehicle, and really laid the hurt down on some of my units. My Hammers assaulted Rob’s Laser Grenadiers. I did some damage but didn’t take them out. Return fire from his Heavy Laser guys wiped out my Hammers, but it was a cool exchange.

Turn 4 – My Pounder hit the Lothar and set it on fire, as well as adding DC to it. But the big walker continued blasting my troops to bits and thinned out my Weapons squad despite them being in a building in cover. My advance had stalled since my Hammers and Gunners were all gone.

Turn 5 – Took another shot at the Lothar but I either missed or Rob armor saved all the damage, can’t remember. Rob’s Kommandotruppe mechanic put the fire out on the Lothar and fixed 1 DC. Some more desultory fire but the game ended here.  Though I had damaged several of his units, I hadn’t actually wiped any out, whereas Rob had taken out three of mine, so the win went to Rob.

As I said I really like this game. The Reaction system is great. Seeing the actual performance and capabilities of the units and weapons in-game was good too.

Lessons Learned

1. Do not move into reaction range of an unsuppressed enemy unit (unless you can jump in)! You’ll get fired up before you can shoot back on your next action. Instead, shoot first, get a Supression marker on them so they can’t react, then move in.

2. Jump troops are awesome, but need supporting fire unless you can pick off isolated enemy units.

3. When being fired on from well beyond Reaction range, use the special “Hit the Dirt!” Reaction. You take a Suppression marker, but you can probably get rid of it at the end of the round, and it improves your cover by 1.

4. The “Improved Communications” upgrade is probably more useful with larger platoons.

5. Allied squads kick out lots of anti-infantry firepower with their UGLs.

6. The Lothar with its Nebelwerfers is really bad news for enemy infantry.

7. One Pounder is good against armor. Two would probably be great.

8. I really want to exploit the Jump capability of certain Allied walkers.

9. Command squads with radios are good for extending your command range. They keep your force up and moving.

10. Long Tom strikes promise lots of death and destruction on the enemy, but don’t rely on them too much.

So again, thanks to Rob for a fun game. It was a good one and I learned a lot about the game that makes me want to play it more!:)

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  1. Thanks for the writeup. I have the rulebook and minis but am yet to play a game – lol

    I must make more of an effort now.

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