Just because you can…

…Doesn’t mean you should.

I haven’t said anything about the new 40K 6th edition yet. Though I’ve yet to play a game of it, I already think I like it more than 5th. Some of the stuff in there allows for more random events and I like that. One thing that has people talking is the possibility of taking Allies as part of your force.

I’m pretty strong on fluff (and some say 6th is the fluff gamer’s game) so I was very glad to see the inclusion of Allies. I can already see wanting to take a few Grey Knights along with my Marines in the ongoing campaign I’m playing with my friend Adan – not because they kick ass (which I’m sure they do) but because having them fighting alongside the Rising Suns would perfectly suit the story we’ve created (err, excuse me…”the narrative we’ve forged” – do I need to add a copyright on there, GW?).

Space Marines are:

Battle Brothers (close allies) with: Black Templar, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Imperial Guard, Space Wolves and Tau (go figure). Those all make perfect sense to me, except for maybe the Tau – when did the Imperium decide to be friends with the space communists? Need to dig into the fluff section a bit more. Anyway, I can live with it. Of all of those potential allies, I’m most likely to bro-fist the IG, since I prefer the idea of serving alongside some no-name IG regiment rather than having a detachment of those more famous Hollywood Astartes Chapters stealing my thunder!

Allies of Convenience with: Eldar, Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle. Again, these all make sense. The way I play, with a story as a foundation for these mini-campaigns I like to do, I can see the tension between the regular Space Marines and these allies fitting right in.

Desperate Allies with: Dark Eldar, Necrons, Orks: Right, just because you can…etc. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I stoop so low as to add these guys to any list I run! The only place for these xenos armies is crushed under the treads of my tanks!

Come the Apocalypse: Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids. Kill ’em all, let the Emperor sort ’em out.

From a pure marketing standpoint, I think the addition of Allies is a brilliant move. Sell more models! I mean, I was already thinking about doing a small IG strike force. But now, what about a small GK detachment? Or a few Eldar corsairs? Or…

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, he said…

2 Responses to “Just because you can…”

  1. Love your site header.

    We think 6th is really exciting. The sheer variety of lists that can be built now is simply staggering. Sure a small number of uber lists or types of list may appear over time but your tactical options are vast now.

    Suddenly I can play with most of my collection. Does this make me happy? Oh Yes!

  2. Add to it that GW kept the ally abilities seperate per codeci so you don’t see really stupid-broken combinations; Vulkan with IG Melta Vets twin linked, IG Blobs with a GK Libby casting Hammerhand AND Might (S5 guardsmen in CC?); Eldar Farseers giving Deathwing Terminators Fortune; GK Pallies getting to WAAAGH!; Necrons with Pain Tokens.

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