Considering a conversion

I like converting minis. Always fun to come up with something original. I just finished a Terminator Chaplain which was a conversion based on one I saw on From The Warp.

Although I added a few touches of my own, it wasn’t my original idea and I now want to do one of my own.

My philosophy on minis conversions in general is to make subtle ones that don’t require a great deal of cutting, re-shaping or green stuff. If I can put something together from different parts that comes out looking unique that’s usually where I want to be.

I now have it in mind to try and make a Space Marine Captain for my Rising Suns, and this time, I want to try using some of the Kromlech samurai bits, specifically, the helmet and sword. I’m not entirely sure I like those helmets though – need to see them for real, not a picture. Of course, I could just magnetize the head so I could swap it for a normal looking helmet. I’m sure I’ll use the sword though. For the body, I want this guy to have a jump pack so I’ll use an Assault Marine torso with a commander’s breastplate. I’d like to give him artificer armor so I need to find some bits that are suitably ornate – I’ve looked at BA Sanguinary Guard but they look more Greek than anything else and have blood drops all over them.

Any recommendations for bits?

2 Responses to “Considering a conversion”

  1. I know what you mean by subtle conversions with minimal GS work. I’m using the Kromlech bits to put together a Grey Knight Army right now:
    The body is a strait Tac Marine with GK arms/weapons and the Kromlech heads, packs, and banner (each dude gets a different Kanji and Cherry tree). The Kromlech stuff really makes them distinct.
    Question on your vehicle banners…what is the bit you use to put the pole in and attach to the magnet?

    • stingersix Says:

      For my vehicle banners, it’s quite simply a strip of paper about 5mm wide. I cut a length, glue one end to the wire and just roll it up a little bit til I get the size I want. This provides a larger flat end that can easily be glued onto the magnet.

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