Thinking ahead

So, I’m working my way through the 40K Fight Club 2012 Painting Challenge and I’ve managed to keep up so far. By the end of the year, I should have my Space Marine collection properly bulked out and I’m starting to think about what I want to do for next year. I may or may not do another year-long challenge – keeping to a fixed schedule for painting output is difficult at times and the enjoyment of painting for me is in painting for its own sake, so rushing isn’t my style.

At any rate I have two potential projects and a third more nebulous one in mind. With my Space Marines, once I have the painting challenge wrapped up for the year, I’ll still add to them when the spirit (of the Emperor) moves me. For these new projects I’m thinking of a more focused approach, and that is to make a list and buy and paint models to match.

The first idea is to do Chaos Daemons. My primary interest in this army is simply this – color! My Space Marines are basically grey, and yeah, I been painting grey for 20+ years. Chaos, in contrast, and by definition, is chaotic! I can do whatever colors I want! Oh, I’ll stick to some base pallettes – red for Khorne, blue for Tzeentch, brown/green for Nurgle, pink for Slaanesh – but otherwise I’ll just do as I like. Most of the models I’ll do stock, in that I won’t do an unusual amount of conversion work.

The Chaos Daemon codex just got some new models which are cool, and I expect more in the next year. New plastics and Finecast models will be nice to see. I’m especially interested in seeing what they do with the Greater Daemons, since I think the current ones aren’t so hot. The Khorne Bloodthirster (which I am sure to get) looks kinda ass (IMO) and an update would be welcome.

I thought of doing a mono-Khorne army, but having seen the power and utility of a multi-god force on the table, I’ll probably go with that. I know people say Chaos Daemons may not be so hot, but the thing about them is, they are a huge pain in the ass to deal with, and mostly I just want to cause trouble with them on the tabletop! Winning or losing is not my priority – the daemons of Chaos will always come back!

My second idea is…Tallarn Imperial Guard! Why? Because although I groove on superhuman Space Marines and chaos gribblies, the poor lowly grunt with a lasrifle gets a lot of respect from me. This project would be more involved (and expensive). I’m a freak for the British Long Range Desert Group in WW2, and if I do a Tallarn army, it will be heavily inspired by the LRDG. At the moment, I’m toying with various list ideas.

What I want currently is a fast, mobile striking force. I’d like to fill the FA slots with Sentinels and even some Forge World Mukaali cavalry. I know the IG is big on heavy armor, but I wouldn’t go that route (event though the Tallarn are famous for their tank units, as well as their recon assets). I realize it’ll probably get shot off the table in no time in actual play, but again, I don’t care that much if the army simply impresses the hell out of people looking at it. Getting blown away in a head on engagement is historical too, as those few times the real-life LRDG patrols did go in guns blazing, while they had some successes, they usually took heavy casualties.

Of course, I know that Tallarn models are a little hard to find, all metal and expensive. But, I acknowledge all that and I’m willing to accept it. The final thing I’m considering, in keeping with the LRDG theme, is doing some crazy truck conversions to use as counts-as Chimeras. This would take both time and money, but again, willing to accept it.

My third and final, sort of pie-in-the-sky project is an Adeptus Mechanicus counts-as army. Haven’t given a tremendous amount of thought to it, just looked around the web to see what others have done (and there are some amazing AdMech armies out there). Anyway, just thinking about this one. I’d use a lot of 3rd party minis and conversions I think.

So, that’s where my miniatures brain is at right now!

One Response to “Thinking ahead”

  1. gravenimage Says:

    I definitely dig the Tallarn and Mechanicus ideas. I was more of a fan of Chaos for the 4th ed. rulebook because the core nine armies retained their flavor and there were some unbreakable rules about how Chaos units could work together which I felt was more in line with the lore. I understand that things are more fun for chaos players now, but I do miss my Night Lords cover and extra fast attack perks… Also, it seems like Furies no longer exist as actual units, and will be relegated to generic summoned chaos demons.

    Whatever you choose, I can’t wait to see the new army grow!

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