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Decisions, decisions

Posted in 40K, Blather, Minis with tags , , , on November 24, 2012 by stingersix

The year is coming to an end and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m thinking about what to do for next year. December will finish itself out with a Space Marine Command Squad, which will cap off the 40K FIght Club painting challenge I’ve been doing. And then on to 2013!

I’ve got three candidates for my next 40K project. What do you guys think? Which one should I do? In each case I would be building and painting to fill out a pre-determined list – unlike my Marines where I was just building as my whim took me.

Imperial Guard Tallarn – I love the desert theme and I would draw heavily on the British LDRG and SAS, as well as a healthy does of Lawrence of Arabia, for inspiration. I want to make a light, fast, and elite raiding force with Sentinels and Rough Riders on those cool camel/dinosaur-looking mounts that Forge World makes. I also have a mind to convert up some trucks to use as counts-as Chimeras.
Pros: Loads of theme, conversion potential is high, relatively small model count (for IG)

Cons: Tallarn stuff is expensive – it’s not super hard to find, but can be spendy, and the Forge World stuff won’t be cheap. Most of the minis are metal too.

Chaos Daemons – I will admit that I want to do daemons mostly because they’re really colorful! I’ve been painting grey Marines for so long, the crazy colors of a Chaos Daemon army would be a welcome change. As I have some Chaos Space Marines from the DV box set, I could use them as allies too. And I’ve always liked Bloodletters from way back when!

Pros: Readily available, lots of plastic so easy to convert, wide color palette

Cons: Compared against my other ideas, none that would hold me back

Adeptus Mechanicus – Oh, this would be a challenge. Most of the minis I would have to convert myself, which is not really a problem except that it would take me a long time to do. Of course, the potential for creativity here is very high, and I have seen some truly amazing Adeptus Mechanicus armies out there.

Pros: Lots of potential for cool conversions and scratchbuilds, awesome theme

Cons: Will take a long time to do

So that’s what I’m thinking about. My own ranking is Daemons (because they’ll be easy to get), then Tallarn, then AdMech.

And I’m also planning to build an army for the SAGA Dark Ages historical game. I’ve read the rules and seen some games played and it looks really cool. The relatively low model count is also attractive. Plus I like Saxons and their big ol’ Danish axes!