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I finished that Vindicator I was working on last month and got it into a game over the weekend. My opponent, Ian, likes to call them “Fail-cator” since he seems to have such bad luck with them, heh. But mine did pretty well. I blew up an Ork Battlewagon, killed some Killa Kans and a bunch of Ork Boyz. Mulching Orks is pretty much what Vindicators were designed for to begin with. In the end, my valiant assault gun was overrun and blown up by the last surviving Killa Kan of the squadron that charged it (which was subsequently plonked by the angry Marines nearby who stuffed their krak grenades down its gullet).

Here are some WIP pics, some shots of the finished model, and some game pics:

I airbrushed the basecoat on this. Only my second outing with the airbrush and it went a bit better than the first time. It’s not the best airbrush out there, and I wonder what results I might get with a more high-end one. Can’t afford it anyway, and I wasn’t using my own to begin with, but whatever. I got better with the flow control and that’s key. I magnetized the siege shield so it can be removed, and did the usual magnetizing on the storm bolter. I could/should weather the model some more, but I’m feeling lazy. It looks greasy and stained enough from sitting in the motor pool so I’ll call it done.

Here’s a shot of it in action!


You can see this pic and more of that particular battle (the last game of a narrative mini-campaign) in the batrep I posted on the Independent Characters forum!

Overall, I like the Vindicator. That big ol’ pie plate scares the crap out of anyone with any sort of horde army, and makes everyone else spread out. Unfortunately, their threat also makes them a priority target, so the trick is giving your opponent something else more urgent to think about than putting a hole in your Vindicator – easier said than done.

Forging ahead on the Command Squad. I’m almost through the most time consuming part, which is painting the armor and details. The arms and weapons will go much faster.

Planning out my Anglo-Dane army for SAGA next year is fun (thinking about spending money I don’t have of course). Also about to get to work on some WW2 GI’s for Bolt Action. Getting busy!