Fallen to Chaos

Finally got some Chaos Daemon models and started working on them. Ostensibly, I’m going to use them for the Kill Team campaign we’re doing at the store, but they’ll probably expand into a full army. I had a thought to go with Tzeentch as the base but my blackened soul thirsts for the blood of my enemies and I went with Khorne – I have a squad a of Bloodletters, a pack of Flesh Hounds, and a Blood Throne of Khorne, which is a totally crazy model that looks like a spiky, angry, dragster.

I’ll get some pics up over the weekend, but I painted up a Bloodletter to test my paint scheme and pretty much hit it on the first try, so now I’m doing the rest. Also trying out the Army Painter red spray primer, which is working out quite well.

One Response to “Fallen to Chaos”

  1. Excellent! I’m looking forward to seeing them. I have chaos space marines and can’t decide which chaos god to follow so no point in getting any daemons to ally with yet.

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