Side stuff and Daemons

In between purchases for my Daemons (I just got another box of Bloodletters and some Bloodcrushers) I refurbished an old Space Marine drop pod a friend gave me. Stripped the old paint, went at it with an airbrush and it looks passable now. I have one more drop pod to do (from the same friend) and another un-assembled drop pod kit. I get those done and I’ll have a pretty decent drop pod capability for my Rising Suns.

Anyway, also currently in the Simple Green jar are a few more Chaos Space Marines to be painted for the same guy who gave me those drop pods. I’ll work on them while I get my Bloodletters painted. It’s kinda nice having these little side projects to do while I’m working on the main one (the Daemons). It’s a break from a particular color (red, in this case) and it’s nice to change up.

As far as the Daemon project goes, I’m enjoying it. I have an idea to paint a murder (my term) of Bloodletters for each other non-troops unit I do (until I have enough troops anyway).

I’m considering the UltraForge Greater War Daemon for my big HQ – it would be my Bloodthirster, Gorzu S’rax the Mutilator. Nice and big but under $100. And it looks a lot better than the GW model.

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