Spewed forth from the Warp

Made some good progress on my daemons. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

DSC00019_zpsced02704 DSC00020_zps42e07e68 DSC00021_zps68bf41aa DSC00022_zps844aaba8 DSC00023_zps7dda0a97 DSC00024_zps45941572 DSC00025_zps6eab9978 DSC00026_zps246ace3e DSC00027_zps6e1e13eb DSC00028_zpsbb97d74c


I’m particularly pleased with this underside part. I managed to get the blending from the red to the flesh colored part right and the wash and highlighting unified the two colors. The skulls help the transition as well. Did this all with a brush too.DSC00029_zps3911d2fc DSC00030_zps39b173cc DSC00030_zpsf71b59d0 DSC00031_zps1dd29e66 DSC00032_zpsc177e7ef DSC00033_zps872d4830 DSC00034_zpsf35f570c DSC00037_zpsfebe49ff

2 Responses to “Spewed forth from the Warp”

  1. gravenimage Says:

    Reblogged this on Model Madness and commented:
    Some excellent Khorne daemons painted up by a buddy of mine. Very cool!

  2. Really well done! I thought GW was going over the top with their emphasis on bigger models but you turned out a fine piece. The transition in the lower half is exceptional!

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