The Rift Widens – Bloodcrushers and…

Finally got these Bloodcrushers done. I really like these models and I plan to get 3 more somewhere down the line. I magnetized the icon bearer’s arm so I could switch it out for a sword. The one with the war horn is glued in though. I used Army Painter Dragon Red spray for the basecoat and it came out really nice. For the wash I went with purple instead of brown and that worked really well too.

DSC00087 DSC00088 DSC00089 DSC00090 DSC00091 DSC00092 DSC00093

Next up is another troop of Bloodletters (a “Murder” I like to call them). Nothing special. The banner was done with some stenciling though the skulls don’t look so wonderful up close. But at tabletop distance it looks fine.

DSC00095 DSC00094

I’ve decided that until I have a good-sized horde of Bloodletters (about 40), I’m going to build and paint one murder for each other unit I do. So, up next is a Bloodthirster, and I’ll do another 10 Bloodletters along with him. Maybe I’ll give them green tongues this time.

This is a Greater War Demon model by Ultraforge. I haven’t even built it yet and I really like it. The detail is great, there are no bubbles or flaws in the resin and minimal mold lines and flash to clean up. The fit of the parts is excellent. It even comes with pre-drilled holes for magnetizing the wings (I’ve installed the magnets already as you can see).  It’s also huge, as I think a Bloodthirster should be! It certainly looks like it could chop a tank in half, unlike the scraggly looking GW Bloodthirster. This model stands about 6 1/2″ high on its base, measuring up to the wings. I like it far more than the GW model and I’m really looking forward to making this the centerpiece of my mono-Khorne daemon army!

DSC00096 DSC00097 DSC00098

Once this bad boy and his posse are done, I think I may do another Herald and some more Khorne-dogs!

4 Responses to “The Rift Widens – Bloodcrushers and…”

  1. Some fine-looking work. You color choices and execution are spot on. The blue on the Bloodcrushers makes them look seriously heavy. I think it gives them more ‘weight’ -and hopefully ‘impact.’
    I hope GW gave you a good deal on your soul that you sold to them again!

  2. Amazing stuff, the glowing Khorne icon on the bloodcrushers looks great..

  3. Oh my god. They look EPIC. When they develop the whole download someone elses skills thing – I’m just putting it out there now – I have dibs on first in line for a copy of your painting skills. Just sayin’

  4. Nice. They look fantastic. Do you use them in games? I find it hard to justify including them in my army since new codex. They’re very expensive (points wise) for models that can be insta-gibbed by battle cannons.

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